Roy Duncan Returns From Behind the 13th Door!

6287_112148bFans have been dying to know what the mastermind behind SuperCreep and The Villain Next Door has been up to all these months! For avid listeners of the podcast radio show VillainLand with Roy Duncan and Jay Bradley, it’s been no secret that Roy claims his house is haunted. Well now here is the proof!

Page23Let’s have Roy tell you about it in his own words!

“In late 2013, two old friends who had not seen or heard from each other in several years had Fate take a hand in the direction their separate paths would take. Both had recently experienced turmoil in their lives and both had decided to go to a horror film convention. It was at this convention that they ran into each other and the conversation that ensued would start both on a new adventure into the world of paranormal investigation!

“One was doing some amateur paranormal investigation, the other was having paranormal activity in his house. This is the story of the ongoing paranormal investigation of the Duncan house!”

This issue debuts at HorrorHound Weekend 2014! Order yours now!

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