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Who I Am

roy-duncan-iconMy name is Roy Duncan. I am the creator of The Villain Next Door and the Maniac Chainsaw Wielding Duckbilled Platypus, Shew I must shorten that title ha ha ,anyway I went to the Joe Kubert School Of Cartooning And Graphic Art, in Dover NJ.

I was accepted into the Disney internship program. In 1996 I won The National Hanna & Barbera story board contest and it almost became a regular feature on The Cartoon Network. I design characters for video games,and board games Bla Bla Bla, let’s face it I AM AN ART GOD. I have done too much crap to put on this page but I’m going to try! If you like my work PLEASE,PLEASE FAVE me. I love the comments and traffic that my work receives. I am a native of Indiana. I love Batman old cartoons, beer, babes and cigarettes. I stay up most of the night and I do my best to twist my comic in such a manner as to make my audience scream. Don’t think you know me because I’m a sick son of a monkey and I love screams, blood and kicking puppies just to name a few sick things running around in my twisted mind.

Hello everyone and welcome to my site. My name is Roy Duncan and this site is dedicated to my art, my work and my life. Here you will find projects that I have done in the past and projects that I am currently working on. Please remember that this site is a work in progress so if you have any comments or suggestions please post them on the Contact Us link on the menu at top. Donations are also welcome, if you have some pocket change that you would like to donate to my cause there is a Donations link on the menu above, too. Money you donate helps me to keep my projects going and it is so much appreciated. Be sure to check out the Comics link above, where you can buy all my comics in print at IndyPlanet, or in ebook format at Wowio.com!
If you like and enjoy my characters, check out my CafePress Shop displaying my art on several different products. This too is a great help to me and besides they are a great items to own. Thanks again, everyone, and enjoy your stay.

Why Saturday Morning Comics?
Remember those glorious Saturday Mornings of the 60s and 70s yesteryear? Once upon a time, Saturday Morning began at 6 am and we’d grab our bowls of breakfast cereal and watch adventure after daring adventure until noon, when our parents or grandparents chased us outside to play! Roy Duncan Jr. takes us back to those days of joyful innocence and fun with Saturday Morning Comics! A 1987 graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, Roy shines in the spotlight with a host of stories for a new generation, with a modern pop culture twist!

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  1. Roy Duncan

    Hot damn! they still love me out there even after a 3 year break to return to school! Be forewarned I will be returning soon!!!!!!!


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